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How Does the
Home Water Plant Work?

There are four phases to Home Water Plant treatment.

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Phase One

Sediment & Turbidity Filtration

Sediment, Rust, Metals

Dirt, sand, grit, rust and other particles. Sediment enters your home through miles and miles of city water mains, reservoirs, and pump stations. In some cities, these pipes are over 100 years old! There are 240,000 water main breaks in the United States each year. For specifications and more technical information, click here.

Phase Two

Eliminates Bad Taste, Odor, and a Broad Spectrum of Contaminants

Our enhanced catalytic carbon, Aquasorb, has been developed to effectively reduce or eliminate the following from in your tap water:

Suspended Solids

Sediment, silt, dirt, rust, and sand. Further reduction to one micron.

Humic Substances

Organic matter from city water mains and reservoirs.

Tannins & Lignin

Humic and fulvic acid, brownish stains.


City water plant purification, swimming pool smell.


Increasingly used for city water plant disinfection but with hazardous by-products.

Heavy Metals

Inorganics harmful to your family’s health.

Phase Three

Elimination of Hard Water Problems

Electrochemical Scale Removal & Prevention

The descaler changes the molecular structure of the minerals (calcium and magnesium) that make up hardness. The process allows these healthy minerals to remain in your water without sticking to the sides of your pipes and appliance heating elements. Our descaler removes existing limescale from pipes and the heating elements of hot water heaters, dishwashers and other appliances and prevents new limescale. Appliance lives are lengthened. Water flow from fixtures like showerheads increases.

For specifications and more technical information, click here.

Phase Four

Dishwasher-Only Treatment

Sparkling Dishes

Our food grade polyphosphate media assures that your dishes, silver and glassware emerge from the dishwasher without the addition of hard water spotting. For specifications and more technical information, click here.

Home Water Plant
+ (Silica Treatment)

Resolving Silica Scale

85% of the US suffers from limescale problems caused by calcium and magnesium in hard water. The Home Water Plant cures these problems. Some localities also suffer from an excess of silica (SiO2) (think sand, sulfates or chlorides) in their municipal water supply. Excess silica, though chemically different, also scales pipes, appliance heating elements and fixtures like shower heads. The Home Water Plant + (silica treatment) adds a second, silica treatment tank and specialized media to the system. In those locations when excess silica, sand, sulfates or chlorides is a problem, this augmented system should be employed. For specifications and more technical information, click here.

Transform your tap water into crystal clear, safe drinkable
water that leaves your dishes sparkling clean.

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